National Reality Television Awards 2019 Terms & Conditions

Hey there lovely 😘

So you've received your cheeky flyer from #lozandlee at the National Reality Television Awards and are wondering what the small print is for your first order FREEBIE treat. Here you go...

To qualify...

You must have your photo taken with both Loz and Lee (in the same pic) and upload to your public Instagram and/or Facebook accounts tagging @whataboutthis_fashion and using the hashtag #whataboutthis

Once you have uploaded your photo using the hashtag let us know via our Insta DMs, Facebook Messenger or email:

  • First order is free up to the value of £100 across all categories.
  • If your order goes over £100 you will be required to pay the value above £100.
  • If your order is below £100 you will not be able to roll the amount over to a second order. The remaining balance will be lost.
  • Valid entries will be issued with a gift code to be used on site at only.
  • Gift codes must be redeemed within 3 months.
  • Offer is valid until 30/10/19 after this date photos uploaded will not receive a gift code.
  • Prize can not be exchanged for cash.
  • Photos must be of an excellent quality and be appropriate for social media.
  • #lozandlee must be aware that the photo is being taken and be actively involved in the photo (photos of #lozandlee in the background are not valid). 
  • Prize will only be issued to the person in the photo with #lozandlee.